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Extortion /Life destroying

200 DAYS AGO | TUESDAY, 4 APRIL 2017 10:28 PM | Toll User: CityLink Account Holder | Views(59)

Hi my name is Jordan Furey ,i used citilink 27 times to get to work and back after moving homes as i wasnt sure of another way to get to work on time , i never created an account i used to just pay the $20 invoice that came in the mail. I had serious problems with a housemate i was living with and had to move house rapidly i was super stressed out at the time and accidentally forgot to notify vic roads of my change of address , ,i never received the intial invoices . Christmas break came and i was on holidays for a month when returning to my home i had 27 police fines infingment notices of $148 each , work that out im like wow this cant be legal , not only that i put in for for revocations three times the first being sent to a wrong address, waiting for a respond for my revocation letter ,being the wrong address they never received it and the 27 fines went to $260 each ,then revocations being refused ,not knowing what to do or how to pay $6000 up front as i dont have that kind of money , and stressed to the maximum about the whole situation, before i knew it i get all 27 fines again now at$ 348 each totalling over $8000 im like who the hell allows this to be legal it is absolutely disgraceful and extortion at its best ,i took it to court thinking a judge will be understanding, he laughed at me and said this is deemed fair in the supreme court , how the hell is owing $600 for tolls then turning it into over $8000 in actual infringment/fines from the police fair ,its absolute robbery/extortion , im now stuck paying $73 a fortnight on a payment plan for next 5years of my life ,and for just driving on a road 27 times not breaking the law, has now cost me this ,im sick to my stomach evertime i think of it and see them take money from me ,my suposingly crime i committed in not just of $8000 and a 5year sentence i work so hard for my money , and now im paying as if im a criminal for 5years , this has to stop , big billion dollar companys having aggrements with governments for extortion on hard working australians for tolls is down right disgusting i would like to help stop this if possible in any way i can ,its so not right in every way STOP THE TOLL SCAM .

by Jordan Furey from VIC, 3044


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